Most Disappointing Albums of 2017

probably similar to the other thread, but more about your own individual expectations:

  • Jesus & Mary Chain: Damage & Joy - Stylistically , it’s what I thought it would be… but I wasn’t expecting largely inferior re-recordings of older material.

  • Slowdive: s/t - Not bad, but generic dreamy shoegaze that I probably wouldn’t have bothered with if it was released by anyone else.

  • GYBE!: Luciferian Towers - see above, but replace shoegaze with Post Rock.

  • In Zaire: Visions of the Age to Come - first album is a great overlooked psych album. This wasn’t especially different, but mostly just boring.

  • Moon Duo: Occult Architecture I & II - their shtick is wearing a bit thin.

  • Ty Segall: s/t - Ty and Albini should be great, but is mostly boring dad rock.

  • Spectres: Condition - was excited by a last minute announcement, but it’s like a really boring version of their last album.


The War On Drugs and QOTSA fall under the same category for me. Like the bands, impressed by their previous albums, had high expectations, but got just a bit bored halfway through. I’m even ruling out the possibility that they’re growers now too.

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There are a bunch that I probably haven’t given a fair chance so I won’t list those, but:

  • Japandroids - It felt manufactured and insincere, and aside from the first song the music wasn’t really there for me either. (This is the only album on this list that I really do not like at all.)
  • Flaming Lips - Not a bad album (aside from a couple of cringeworthy bits), but disappointing given how great they can be. I thought “The Terror” was fantastic and this was a noticeable step down.
  • GY!BE - Perfectly fine, but a letdown.
  • Foo Fighters - I should probably give it more of a chance, but so far it’s easily my least favorite of theirs and the idea of listening to it feels exhausting. The “baby”'s and classic rock influence in Track 3 alone kind of sinks it for me.
  • Grizzly Bear - I think I appreciate the thought and talent that went into this more than I love the results. I was hoping they’d go in more of a tense, melodic, urgent direction like “Half Gate”.
  • QOTSA - I like the album and it still has a shot at cracking my top ten for the year, but it’s not the direction I was hoping they’d go. It’s good but easily my least favorite in the catalog.
  • Wavves - I keep forgetting about this album. It has its moments, but he’s so far away from the focused energy of King of the Beach and the cohesiveness of Afraid of Heights at this point.
  • Tim Darcy - It has its moments but I was hoping for something more given how much I love Ought.

Spoon - Loved They Want my Soul, hot thoughts was a great single but the album didn’t grab me the way I wanted it too. Not bad by any means, but thought it could be awesome 7/10

Future Islands - Considering how good and fun they can be, this was a total snooze 4/10

Father John Misty - Honeybear is one of my favorite albums of the decade, but Pure Comedy lacked the sincerity and heart of its predecessor. Though it is growing on me and was songs live were great at EOTR. Certainly not the most disappointing but disappointing nevertheless 7.5/10

Kendrick Lamar - Damn
Not saying it’s bad. Critical reception was terrific and the hip-hop folk on here who are normally good barometers seem to adore it. But it does nothing for me. That said, nor does GKMC so maybe I just don’t get Kenny L. IDK, I loved TPAB and his mixtapes from back in the day so I was well excited and production left me cold so it seems ripe for this thread.

Hah! I’m the other way on this one! First Goldfrapp album i’ve really enjoyed since Supernature!


I would have said Dirty Projectors s/t but I listened to it the other day and really enjoyed it. Ascent Through Clouds is a real dud though.

Thought Vol 1 was probably their most solid album yet. Vol 2 is quite boring in comparison, though it works alright if you listen as a double album.


Magnetic Fields. I love the idea and you have to admire the artistic endeavour of it, but how many of the 50 songs are actually good enough to survive outside of the concept? Probably seven or eight in my view, in contrast to 69 Love Songs that has probably 40 great songs on it.

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So much this. The only song I keep going back to is Have You Seen It In The Snow? Literally one good song out of 50. I’d kind of given up on them after the last couple of albums, but the concept of the new album got me a bit excited, so I shelled out £30 for it. And it’s not very good.

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The big one Arcade Fire. I geniualy thought Reflektor was okay and was excited to see what they came up with. Its actually a poor album a few singles aside. Not even not matching high expectations but actually bad


Vol I is ace I reckon - Vol II a bit uneccesary

For me, the most disappointing of this year is easily the Shins rubbish carnival music release of an album


Vol I was decent, but I never got the urge to relisten to it. Might not be an issue of quality so much as their scope is pretty limited and you only need an album or two before it gets old.

fair, it was the first one i properly listened to by them and have listened to the older ones after, which i’ve also enjoyed but not quite on the same level, they don’t feel as focused or streamlined as that (cos they cast off all the less exciting softer lighter tracks for Vol 2 this time). among my faves of the year so far

In Zaire: Visions of the Age to Come - first album is a great overlooked psych album. This wasn’t especially different, but mostly just boring.@feedthecollapse
Wondering, which do you consider the first album - the split with Skull Defekts or White Sun Black Sun? I.e., which should I check out?

Yeah I haven’t gone back to it much. Tough to top Tales Of Us.

White Sun Black Sun

The War on Drugs, loved Lost in the Dream but this one just seems pretty dull in comparison, there are some great tracks such as ‘Pain’, but a lot of them just drag on too long and the whole album feels like a bit of a slog.

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