Most Disappointing Albums of 2017

Dare I say it, I’ve not warmed to The National album as yet.

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Thurston Moore - really like The Best Day but this just felt really flat. Don’t really know why, maybe the production?
Flaming Lips - what @TAFH33 said.
GYBE - I should give this another listen but on initial listen it seems really ponderous & plodding. Never been a big GYBE person but a band I’d always be surprised by how much I liked when I did give the occasional listen. Don’t think this one is going to be for me though.

yeah haven’t gone back to this much. doesn’t help that Cease Fire is better than anything on the album but was released separately for some reason.

Girlpool. So much drearier than the debut.

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Yeah this^! Dug the singles (especially It Gets More Blue) but overall it doesn’t match the charm of the first album…

Really haven’t revisited this album at all! Keep Your Name tends to crop up on my Spotify daily mixes and it makes me wince / cringe…

Have to agree with Arcade Fire - it’s a shocker (apart from Electric Blue). On the NYT Popcast they argued that if they’d just dropped it one day, it’d probably have done better, but the tiresome ‘clever-clever’ marketing campaign turned people off.

That aside, Misty, The National and War on Drugs were pretty disappointing, so glad I went to see Solange instead of The National at Glastonbury.
I think this might be the year I finally got bored of ‘white blokes moaning’. It’s only taken me 20 years.

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The Cribs’ new one was pretty disappointing. Should have stayed an EP really as there are a few good tunes on it. The other stuff doesn’t even feel like filler, they just aren’t great songs.

yeah none of this grabbed me the same way that Ought do

the answer is Cloud Nothings btw

I think Father John Misty is up there, I absolutely love the first two albums but I really struggle to get to the end of Pure Comedy. I did see him at Fuji Rock though and I found the tracks to have much more personality live.

Also less of a disappointment bulecause my expectations were pretty low but the new Jesus and Mary Chain was a bit rubbish.

I think Life Without Sound is pretty good… certainly better than some reviews…but yeah it’s still a massive drop off from Here and Nowhere Else (which is close to being the best “guitar” album of the decade).