Most Disappointing albums of 2018

Not quite Honeybear standard, but for sure a huge step up from Pure Comedy.
Mr Tillman is one of the best things he’s done imo.

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possibly my song of the year. think about the Jason Isbell line basically daily and have a little chuckle to myself.

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Actually, real answer here. The new Planningtorock album is shite. So disappointing.

Really? I love that album.

I have tickets for her show next week, but fortunately I have to work in bloody Manchester now so can’t go :rage:

I loved her previous but the new one just won’t click. I saw her gigs at Islington Assembly Hall and Oval Space and at the latter had a chat with Miki from Lush which made a great gig night even better.

Hopefully, her EArtH show will be good despite the venue being passable and average at best.

It’s barely an EP. The brass balls to call it an album, and charge £13 for it.

Courtney Barnett.

Didn’t even bother buying it. I still play the Split Peas EP all the time.

Been a few, to differing degrees of ‘disappointing’…

CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead was definitely a disappointment but it grew on me an awful lot, especially when I decided to always skip the dull-as-dishwater Berninger duet and the Imagine Dragons bollocks of Miracle. Best opening track of the year with Graffiti, imo.

Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer is a good pop album, by most anyone’s standards. But it’s by far Janelle Monáe’s weakest album. Some great individual tracks, wonderful visuals to go with it all, but for all its personal meaning, it lacks the zing and inventiveness I fell in love with her for.

Robyn - Honey is, again, a good pop album. Just not a great Robyn album. Some proper bangers, obvs, but it’s weighed down with some seriously undernourished early 90s club-lite tracks that either meander meaninglessly for too long or are so ephemeral they’re basically air.

Orbital - Monsters Exist isn’t bad, it’s just weird that the best music was on the bonus discs on the (many) deluxe versions, and the best track of all was Copenhagen from last year.



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Consequence Of Sound and Line Of Best Fit both have this as their number one album of the year…

The overwhelming concensus on here is it’s a massive disappointment when compared with Puberty 2.

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Damn, it was so forgettable that I completely overlooked it when trying to come up with something for this list.

I guess it is a case of low expectations due to his recent behaviour, but given how much great stuff was on both Yeezus and TLOP then I’ve got to agree with you. Ye was utter pants

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I don’t think it’s nearly that bad, there’s a lot of good and interesting stuff on there - if it was a debut i bet a lot of us would be very impressed. Just suffers badly compared to the heights of P2

Absolutely loved the album, thought the first three tracks were as good as anything on any album this year. Opinions eh!

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Just a bit mor innit?

It’s better than Puberty 2 (which is excellent itself, natch)

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Just conveying the opinions of the pros m9…

I love it myself tbh tbf

I really wanted to love it. Just can’t get it at all

Joyce Manor. My expectations were low considering I didn’t think much of the one before, but this was proper dull. Shame considering how much I like the s/t and Never Hungover Again.