Most Disappointing albums of 2018


Just conveying the opinions of the pros m9…

I love it myself tbh tbf


I really wanted to love it. Just can’t get it at all


Joyce Manor. My expectations were low considering I didn’t think much of the one before, but this was proper dull. Shame considering how much I like the s/t and Never Hungover Again.


Mr Tillman is his best song

i don’t really remember the rest tbh


The Courtney Barnett album is well good, this forum.


I’m interested- do you genuinely think it’s on a par with the eps and the first album?


I’m not a massive fan on the 1st album tbh, think its a lot better than that and only slightly less good than the eps.


didn’t even know Franz had released an album. how the mighty fall


didn’t know they’d released one!


this but for her last couple of albums at the very least. don’t get it anymore


I hated the last one AND this one… i can’t remember an artist go off so bad so fast. He was boring at the Apollo last year too, i left early which i never do.

It all seemed to go awry after that Maconie interview, something about that soured it all a bit for me; “Oh maaaan this kinda thing makes me puke maaan”. Yeah alright mate.


He gets a lot of cachet for being a boring hetero John Grant, I find.


I’d be careful with that kind of opinion round these parts - think I said that he was a poor man’s John Grant back in the Arcade Fire 2017 thread debacle and was quickly ridiculed (it is true though)


Yah :slight_smile:


Fair enough. The results of the end of the year lists suggest lots of people agree with you.

I really like Courtney and I think the new album is ok - I just feel she’s lost some of her sparkle and originality along the line. I don’t hear so much of the genuinely striking word play and wit anymore. It’s ‘just’ a good rocky singer-songwriter album when I feel she promised more. I still have faith in her - I hope she’ll make loads of albums and some of them will strike more of a chord with me.


I’m exactly the same! Loved Honeybear when it came out (and had liked the first album previously), but the press cycle and the unbelievably self-aware live show really killed any fondness I had for him.


Feels like its been a year of disappointment;

Decemberists (expected that though)
Wild Nothing
Melody’s Echo Chamber
Kanye West
Kurt Vile
Yo La Tengo
John Grant
Exploded View
Jonathan Wilson
Josh T Pearson
Courtney Barnett

Then a few others that were disappointing based on hype/recommendations (so I didn’t have any personal expectations):
Let’s Eat Grandma
U.S. Girls
Amen Dunes
Hilary Woods
Snail Mail


Have to say Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino sadly. Nice to see they tried something different, just found it quite dull and pretentious


U.S. Girls

After Half Free, which for me is one of the best albums of the decade, was really excited to hear where the direction of her sound would go, but I just hated the live band sound, and quite simply the songs just aren’t that great, bar ‘Incidental Boogie’, but that track has been doing the rounds in her live sets for ages, so hardly a new song. Half Free was a revelation. The new is just going through the motions.


Big nope