Most Disappointing albums of 2018


This is the only wrong spy imo


Hilary Woods and Let’s Eat Grandma are not right either



But obviously each to their own and all that


Indeed, indeed… but I’m the most rightest… n all that jazz :wink:


Ah, yeah, you’re right


Of course, glad you see that… you’re the only one :cry:


rosebud is a banger though no


i’m with him on Hilary Woods, sounds great on paper but there’s something a bit lacking/predictable/stylised about it all. Sacred Bones are a bit of a hit and miss label


There are people in this thread expressing disappointment with the new John Grant album.

It’s my album of the year.


Some already mentioned +:
Girls Names
Still Corners
The Boxer Rebellion
The Neighbourhood
Justin Timberlake
Ariana Grande
DJ Koze
Gus Gus


Big yep!


Oh god, how could I forget? Death Cab for Cutie. After Kintsugi, which is top-3 for me, and that beautiful comeback show in a forest outside Amsterdam, Thank You For Today was a major letdown.

It’s not even that the songs are bad (although some of them are… I mean, fucking hell Ben, “a lonely fish in a sea full of squid”?) but Rich Costey’s production has completely sucked the life out of them. I wasn’t a huge fan of his work on Kintsugi but it suited the songs even if it was a little trebley, and I think Chris Walla’s influence was still present. But on this one it’s like he’s got a personal vendetta against Nick Harmer. Listen to the bass on I Will Possess Your Heart and then compare it to the tinny, wasp-in-a-tin-can on Summer Years. Bin.


Nah mate, you’re right on YLT at least. It felt like one of their pick ‘n’ mix albums to me. Fade was a significant return to form from “And Nothing…” (their last ‘classic’ in my view). It was concise and was strong even outside some its career highlights (Ohm, Stupid Things, Cornelia and Jane, Before We Run). I’ve tried with the newie, but it suffers from the kitchen sink approach of “I’m Not Afraid…” with out of place quirkiness (“Polynesia #1”) we all know they could chuck together an upbeat lounge pop record if they wanted to) and mediocre songwriting. Obviously there are great bits, but all YLT albums have great bits. Feels like a Summer Sun level album to me.

I miss the days when they could set up a groove on a hooky bassline and just noodle over the top for ten minutes. The last time they really tried that (back half of Popular Songs) the grooves weren’t ‘groovy’ enough. I’ll be going back to My Heart’s Reflection and Night Falls On Hoboken I think.

I’m going to give it another go now, but I’m pretty sure it’s still going to come down on the wrong side of dis/appointment :frowning:


yeah exactly. i really want them to sprawl out again but then i remember the really lousy back half of Popular Songs and think, nah, stick to the mellow stuff actually


Hmm, finished listening to it. Fizzles out badly in the second half.


Dirty Computer. Many of the songs have too much emphasis on social and political commentary, and not enough on the songwriting itself. All her other releases had this cool, progressive vibe to them, but this one fell totally flat and lacked flow and go-to tracks.

I’m hoping it was just a bump in the road and she gets back to the conceptual progressive stuff with her next album. At least Esperanza Spalding put out 2 great records in the last 12 months, and I am overall a fan of Janelle’s acting work, and very much looking forward to Welcome to Marwen in a couple of weeks.


My wife has played the new Courtney Barnett album a lot and actually I’ve really got into it. I think it’s possibly because I take a while to tune into lyrics and I think with this one they are a lot stronger than her early stuff where, TBH, I think it was often a bit trite?

So yeah for me it’s possibly a top 10 release of the year.


Camp Cope is my album of the year. I hadn’t heard of them before this release. Absolutely loved this record.

Tastes/opinions etc. vary and no one’s right or wrong.

I loved their live gig a few months ago.


Rendered more ugly (so to speak) by the fact one had to shell out for it as it wasn’t streamable…I heard a couple of tracks on You tube and they were the best two and made the plunge…I wouldn’t say its rubbish though - just pretty good but forgettable and a big step down.

The other two non-streamers I shelled out for were No Age (my LP of the year) and Damien Jurado (as mentionned in my post)…so a mixed bag on that front


Agree with you on Franz. I loved their previous album so had high hopes but it was pretty poor.

I listened to the Chvrches album a fair bit. Took a bit of time to click but it’s a really good pop album. Guess it depends on your expectations.

After hearing Daytona I was well up for the Yeezy album, but it was properly terrible and easily the biggest disappointment. Struggled to get through it on first play through which is saying something as it’s only about 25mins long.

The JT album was pish as well - not a massive surprise given his recent track record but there was still a bit of hope he could regain former glories.

Would probably add the Jon Hopkins album - single absolutely banged and had me hyped up for it - but I struggle to listen to it. Just didnt have the same impact as his last one.

A$AP Rocky album as well - just a mess. The kind of album that makes you wander why you liked him in the first place.