Most Disappointing albums of 2018


Jack White.
Jack White
Jack White
Jack White
Jack White


At this point the surprising thing is that you had high enough expectations in the first place to be able to call a Jack White album ‘disappointing’


Princess Nokia- A Girl Cried Red. She went from really interesting hip hop to really dull generic emo-pop


Agree with everything here except Hopkins, which has been massively helpful to me getting work done this year.

Interesting to see A$AP mentioned as I know most here wouldn’t have high expectations but I really was disappointed by Testing. Felt like a bungled, confused release, with demo quality raps and production. The production on his albums is usually at least interesting and often gorgeous, so to hear this turgid trudge (after loving ALLA) was a shock. I get the sense he’s undergoing some creative growing pains, probably made difficult without Yams, but I still find him a thousand times more interesting and charismatic than Travis Scott.


The Good, The Bad & The Queen album.


That wouldn’t have disappointed me, as the last album was pretty painful to listen to also…


Number one in Pitchfork’s albums of the year too…


Every time i think of listening to this i decide against it as i haven’t heard anything positive about it. Weird one! Still love her album from last year, classic.


She’s in vogue, and I think a lot of this is delayed success recognition for her last few years of work. Dont see what the fuss is for this one…and Nobody is such a meh song


I was really looking forward to the Janelle Monae album - but it was a real letdown. It just seems bland and unadventurous compared to her previous efforts.


I wasn’t a fan at first, but after a couple of listens, well a lot, I really love it.


Superchunk - What a time to be alive - one of my top 15 bands but their material since Majesty Shredding onwards has left me lukewarm while this left me cold…no tunes stuck…and I think political protest can be done more engagingly…


not my favourite of theirs, not as consistent or complete as previous records, did think it was decent though and like the sound they’re aiming for. closing track is excellent.

Haus Proud is also an absolute banger live but sounds a bit slight on the record without live drums.


i really liked the YLT album on release, Fade has a couple of great songs on it but a lot of it is a bit too mellow and ‘ordinary’ for me, so i really liked what they did on the new one.

will admit i haven’t really gone back to it in months though.

would like them to do more of this yeah, i adore And the Glitter is Gone from Popular Songs though