Most Disturbing Movies of All Time

What are the most disturbing movies you have ever seen?

Little Shop of Horrors.

Almost certainly because I was far too young when I watched it, but I’m not about to go back for a rewatch to find out.

Antichrist was a pretty tough watch. Nil by Mouth wasn’t exactly a bundle of joy, either

not a big fan of shit like this

The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes



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The Vanishing (the original)

Also found Happiness deeply disturbing at the time but was way too young to be watching it, I think.

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Nil By Mouth was grim. As was The War Zone


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Not a psych/horror film by any means, but it articulates the inhumanity of war and its effects on the most innocent and vulnerable better than any film I’ve seen. Actually much more disturbing than stuff like The Decent (also ace) because it’s so ‘realistic’ (for an anime etc).


Because it’s so terrible? Agreed.


A Serbian Film was a bit off.

Nearly walked out of the original Hostel film. I understand that’s seen as pretty mild compared to what’s followed, but it’s not for me, Clive.

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Just trying too hard to be disturbingly offensive. A bit like the Human Centipede films

I’ve not got much stomach for gratuitous violence really so Hounds of Love was unpleasant for me

yeah it’s fucking horrible.

Dead Man’s Shoes really got under my skin.

EDIT : I’ve seen all the nasty ones too (Hostel et al) but they just seem pathetic

Pet Semetary did it for me as a kid. Nightmares for ages. When the kid cuts the ankle with the scalpel :face_vomiting:


Lady Macbeth has the most disturbing scene I’ve seen but I guess it’s not disturbing throughout

but that’s what that film is?

be like walking out of a comedy because there’s too many jokes