Most Disturbing Movies of All Time

but that’s what that film is?

be like walking out of a comedy because there’s too many jokes

still find myself wincing at ‘that scene’ from misery whenever i remember it

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Airplane has too many jokes

Nil By Mouth for me. Kathy Burke in that film… Jesus.

Found Come and See very gruelling.

I have had Irréversible, Enter the Void and We Need to Talk About Kevin on my watchlist since they were released, but I can’t ever seem to find the right time to watch them. Actually, I deleted We Need to Talk About Kevin when my wife was expecting.

probably the film that scarred me the most was the people under the stairs :joy: seeing that rottweiler chewing on some kid’s ribcage kept me awake for days.

ffs ed and NADINE


I have this unopened on DVD. I purchased it mostly as it’s shot on the estate that I used to live on (same one that 15 Storeys High is set on), but I’ve never found myself in the right mood to watch it…

i love that film. still waiting for a proper bluray release. think it’s only on import at the moment.

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Yeah I would love to revisit it - I watched it when I was off school sick (about 13 or so) with my brother who was unemployed at the time and it fucked me up for weeks.

The end of Mist was a bit … grim.


I’m a published reviewer, me:

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I remember when Kermode reviewed it and he told Simon Mayo that the ending was grim, Mayo tried to find out more. He said something like ‘SO everyone dies then?’ and Kermode said it was actually worse than that. He was probably right.

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The Witches was scary as fuck as a kid


sorry @Witches


My look is that midway point between the head witch transforming into a rat/mouse thing. I think it best we never meet :smiley:


This was verbal’s website

is @verbal still posting?

Don’t think so. Top lad

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Ha. Went on a date to that. The lady in question is now married to someone who is completely not me.

Wouldn’t be top of my ‘first date’ list to be quite tbqfh.
Mind you, the first film I saw at the cinema with my ex-wife was Boogie Nights…

aside from those mentioned, probably not felt more uncomfortable than during the animal scenes in Cannibal Holocaust

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