Most embarrassing/impossible to listen to bit of music


3:27 onwards of this, for my money. Just started thinking about how this today out of nothing.

That’s a grown ass man that’s written those lyrics.




Fred Durst’s diss in Rollin’. D’ooooooh!


In terms of embarrassing: I don’t think there’s anything I used to find quite so awkward as when someone offered to play a song they’d written to me. Just sitting there, listening to some song and willing it not to be shit.


five years time


‘stupid little cigarettes and drink stupid wine’

fuck off you twee cunt


Can’t understand what he’s singing there, sorry. But you brought this on yourself by listening to Disturbed, surely?


I had to read a few times before I realised you weren’t some kind of demi-god forwhom everyone wanted to write a song.


Particularly the chorus if you get that far


It’s only happened about four times in my life but hell, it strikes fear into my heart.


De La Orgee, playing on the tape deck in the car, with both your parents, aged 12.



The end of this song is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, especially the screaming bits like his mum is hitting him there and then



I respect your incorrect opinion





still genuinely amazed Disturbed has managed to stick around long after Nu metal crashed and burned.


4:10 and on, and make sure you go all the way to the end, trust me. It’s absolutely inexplicable that he thought this was a good idea and that no one stopped him from doing this.

Also the existence of this.

I’m sure I’ll think of more throughout the day, but I’ll start with these two.


pure shit


What the fuck is that? Is that what her music is? Jesus. Oh God.