Most evocative smell

I usually just leave it for the librarians to clean up

I thought that (most) of the other entries besides wet dog were positive emotions,

the smell of cum is always negative.

Even wet dog can be positive. Walking my grandparents dog on the beach, and riding home with her in the car she fucking stank, but she had had a good time running into the waves. bath when she got home tho.

School hallways/gyms. Last time I went to vote it was just like being transported to when I was 11. Had a bizarre anxiety feeling

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Irn Bru bars


That reminfms me, a negative emotion. That box of spare pe kit the teachers kept for you if you forgot your pe kit.

no excuses.


Yes i think sounds can do this also.

The Ice-Cream van has been past once this spring, but I know it will happen alot.

And I associate that call with summer.

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Pub smell. Especially one that has lots of hand pumps.


I also have an incense one, but for me it’s incense and rain - absolute all time smell combination, makes me feel about 21 again.

Swarfega, oil, and curry was the smell of my grandparents’ house. Great combo.

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Brand new tennis ball

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Gorse flowers. Heavenly


Recently got an old (60s) bit of audio gear and whenever I power it up it exudes a smell that takes me straight back to my granddad’s shed that he used to build remote control airplanes in. Dunno if it’s something in the internal components or just old dust, but it’s very distinctive.

old books ooh my but also I can’t wait for bbq season


birds custard

the smell of a candle that’s just been blown out immediately transports me to childhood birthdays

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