Most fabulous **DiSers** you reckon you’d get on with over a beer or two (FILTH ALLOWED)



Obviously some of you have met but, of those you haven’t met, tell us who you would really like to meet and have a jar or three with.
It’s Monday - spread a little happiness




Occurs to me there aren’t actually quite a job lot of absolute heroes I haven’t pinted with as of yet, which is odd coz I USED to be quite the social sally


I just started writing a list and then thought of someone I’d forgotten, and then I was on about 10 people and that was the number I was allowed, and there were loads more I wanted to add

In short: I’ve love to meet you all. Including you, @noahvale



I’ve met scant few and want to meet many more


I started writing a list but it was too long (WAHEY)


Aw, you guyz


There ARE not aren’t damn it


Really really like all of you and am sad I haven’t met any of you. Would love to have a jar with @ruffers and @kallgeese though not gonna lie. Will try and hit a meat at some point soon.


I’d rather keep it virtual, tbh




To each, their own :slight_smile:


You’ve met loads already though, pervo



Too too many to list tbh


That’s a triple threat right there, you, Ruffdawg and I. Someday boss!


Bugduv Profk Maosm and Jazzy of the ones I ain’t met


@profk I reckon





Apart from neither of us drink, so can we switch the beer out for elderflower presse or something?


Fucking all of them.


If you like #filthallowed