Most famous celeb you’ve seen in the flesh

Did he get through it ok ?

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Live in Cardiff, meet everyone


Princess Anne came to open our new office once, so her I guess.

Either Tom Jones or Will Ferrell.

For some reason I’ve spent a much larger than average amount of time with celebrities, largely rubbish one admittedly but there’s been some pretty good Hollywood ones too.

Yeah, this is what he looks like now.


Very common, obviously.

might as well post this in here too


Melvyn Bragg - fittingly enough at Armathwaite Hall in the Lake District. He absolutely owns the tweed look.

Julian Barrett and Noel Fielding at a pub in Hoxton. Barrett was dancing with a bunch of people, Fielding was sat at the bar staring into his drink.

Loads of politicians since I started working in Westminster. Michael Gove going into a restaurant. Iain Duncan Smith crossing a street. Sajid Javid in a lift.

She came to open an old peoples home that was on the same street as out first student house. We made a banner.

He is not exactly a celeb, buf i shook Michael Dell’s hand once. I like to think he also tells the story of meeting me.

I once bumped into Michael Stipe in a hotel lobby, he was wearing a badge that said ‘Hi, I’m Moby’. Didn’t really MEET him as such, but that was funny



I’d probably wet myself


Princess Diana when a kid (as mentioned already today)

Prince Charles coming out of a hotel in London in the 90s

I saw Bono and Sting on the street in New York within about 10 minutes of each other

It was a bit ‘WHOA’, I was holding a rocket salad and I nearly dropped it. I was at SXSW though, so it made sense contextually. But yeah, Michael Fucking Stipe.


Yeah I always forget about the people I’ve met at ATPs just because it seems so normal and you don’t feel quite so much like vomiting with excitement.


If he was in my local Co-Op I’d probably faint, tbf

Think I’d faint if I saw Stipe. Or maybe pee myself a little bit and have to sit on the floor.


I didn’t read the replies before I posted this. Reads even weirder now

My dad shook her hand and he has a photo of him shaking her hand as in he took the picture whilst she was shaking his hand