Most famous celeb you’ve seen on the sesh

Probably 2 of the klaxons in Madame jojos years ago. Never realised how short one of them was

Tyson Fury.
Ricky Hatton

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Oh wait, it’s Michal essien in Guildford casino around 2008


Ronan Keating

Quite a few of the Newcastle squad when I lived up there.

Warren Ellis always used to be out drinking and dancing at ATP into the early hours of the morning. Tim Harrington, too.

Bruce Dickinson. On a Sunday!

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Nigel Godrich.

Ed Sheeran

I once served Johnny Vegas a Guinness at 10AM, and also have experienced John Barrowman drunk-singing very loudly at me over a bar.

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Him or the bassist from Simply Red

Sean Bean in a bar in London about 20 years ago. Not sure if he was on the sesh but he was in the right place if he was.

Served booze to sheffield royalty such as
Reverend Jon McClure
Richard Hawley
Jessica Ennis-Hill
Chris Waddle

Christ, that’s a whole series of out-of-court settlements just waiting to happen.

I feel a bit bad posting this now, possibly delete @moderators ?

My former workplace held a launch party at a Soho venue to mark an office move. Towards the end of the night it was gatecrashed by that fella from Stereophonics, and Miquita Oliver from Popworld. They were absolutely battered.

Seen 2 seperate low level celebrities sitting silently in pubs ripping up beer mats and throwing them onto the table/floor (one in Sheffield, one in London)

probably Bez

Answers revealed later

Deleted :wave:

Mickey from Eastenders or Alex Zane

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