Most famous "notable person" from your hometown's Wikipedia page


The actress who played Dorothy in Gregory’s Girl. That’s it. I haven’t even seen it.


Is that Claire Crogan or something? She’s pretty famous.

Edit : No.


It’s not even her, no.


But she IS Gregory’s Girl


I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen it.


keira Knicghtley


The famous celebrity lookalike?


My hometown has it’s own separate page for “List of people from” there :sunglasses:


Lorraine Kelly and Ally McCoist

Apparently George Orwell’s wrote part of 1984 there.


it’s uncanny


A certain member of One Direction (who was a year below me in school)


The one with the recorder fetish?


Huw Edwards or Gavin Henson I think


Sorry sean, *alleged recorder fetish


Steve Cram and Sir Patrick Stewart. I had no idea about the latter.


You should be able to tell those two apart quite easily


Blimey. A few good ones that I didn’t know about.

Missandei from Game of Thrones.
Helen Mirren.
A few people off EastEnders.

And Maajid Nawaz - used to do a paper round at his parents shop


He was in Star Trek I think


You’re thinking of Willem Shatner


Mine’s Billy Bragg. But annoyingly this is cancelled out by the second most famous person to have lived there: Louise Mensch.