Most famous "notable person" from your hometown's Wikipedia page


Al Pease – Only F1 driver disqualified for going too slow (1969 Canadian Grand Prix)

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One can dress like Mark Rylance so it has to be him?

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Dunno, Beckenbauer or Eva Braun.

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There are no notable people from my hometown on its wikipedia page.

It’s probably this person, though:

If we count Stanford-Le-Hope, where I spent the first 9 years of my life, then it’s Joseph Conrad

(who is probably more famous than Denise Van Outen, Phil Jupitus, Scroobius Pip or Shahena Ali)

David Frost, now deceased television presenter.

(That was also my thinking but I didn’t want to show any bias)

Weird - I see Phill Jupitus is listed as being from the same place. But the Southend Wikipedia page says different.

I can’t go into details, my career as a not a proper lawyer would be put in jeopardy.

The guy who played Grantly Budgen on Waterloo Road. He’s an actual supply teacher irl and taught my brother a few times; used to see him at my old job and leaving his house occasionally as it’s on my route between parents house and the rest of the town. I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES

2nd most famous is probably me tbqh.

David Livingstone (subject of “Dr Livingstone, I presume?” fame)

some guy nobody has heard of who owned some land in the 16th century.

Followed by the drummer from Mogwai

Home town as in where you live or where you were born?

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There’s a whole page of notable residents for Brighton

Winston Churchill’s on the list.

In terms of living people it’s probably a toss up between Chris Eubank or Fatboy Slim. Or Zoella if you’re not old like me.

As it bloody well should be

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I took it as where you feel your home is. You could have moved away but feel your home is where you grew up. Or you could have moved somewhere and feel that’s where your home is now.

We’ve got John Hurt, which is pretty great, but not as great as:


Phil Jupitus has moved around a fair bit. His family moved from Barking to Horndon and then Stanford. He used to live in Leigh, but now lives in Fife.