Most hot drinks in one day contest

3! (x1 coffee, x2 tea)

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Reckon my parents would win this, they drink tea with everything. The sick freaks.

get them on the boards


My mum has two cups of tea and one cup of coffee before she even leaves for work in the morning, at least three hot drinks of an evening and fuck knows how much she drinks at work.

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Niki: 2

My Dad would probably fit in, bald, bearded, homebrewer, enjoys PJ Harvey and Frank Zappa. Probably more DiS than I am.


Fuck I need to up my game


A couple of weeks ago my parents drank tea while eating soup and it was fucking disgusting. I’d rather watch them have sex than witness another double hot liquid travesty like that again.


This is all fucking disgusting. Especially this bit.

double hot liquid travesty


I went way over my normal tea quota by drinking eight cups of it yesterday so I’ll be scaling today unfortunately.

1x tea today.

japes: 2

Jordan - 0

One - tea with oat milk.


oh my god THAT MUG


yeah pretty great mug

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WL: :tea: :tea: :coffee:

My coffee was cold brew, so 0 here.

1 coffee and one tea. Not feeling too fabulous after an atrocious night’s sleep, will probably have another hot drink and then might need to sack off spin class and have gin at lunchtime to get through the rest of the day.

Spin or gin? Spin or gin? Or I might go for a swim. Swim and gin.

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Will espressos count? I could have three of those in 5 mins.

bet you’d get a lot of signups to spin & gin class

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