Most hot drinks in one day contest

My coffee was cold brew, so 0 here.

1 coffee and one tea. Not feeling too fabulous after an atrocious night’s sleep, will probably have another hot drink and then might need to sack off spin class and have gin at lunchtime to get through the rest of the day.

Spin or gin? Spin or gin? Or I might go for a swim. Swim and gin.

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Will espressos count? I could have three of those in 5 mins.

bet you’d get a lot of signups to spin & gin class

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1 x earl grey
1 x soy mocha

Rich-t - 1 (flat white). That’ll be it for morning consumption

LastA: 1 decent coffee (Aeropress Grumpy Mule) before I left for work, 2 crappy work coffees.

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If I was staying in tonight I reckon I could nail this but sadly not.

Only x1 so far

You fine folk need to ramp up your commitment to hot beverages
2x coffee, 2x tea (oat milk - milk fans)

I’ve had three so far now.

I’ve had three more cups since this. So six.

And another. Seven.

Eight now.

i’d like to remind everyone that this competition is based on an honour system



How big are these cups?


Chai latte in the garden. Only my second hot drink. Lagging way behind here.


When is 12:00 am, please?