Most hot drinks in one day contest

a minute after 11:59pm

That is 12:00 am and pm.

i think your watch is fucked mate

well at least this means I’m no longer even aiming to podium so I can hold off and sleep OK tonight


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Is this a cry for help?

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I had 3 BUT only in a sports direct mug aka The Big Dog of the mug world

Are you counting each sip as a separate drink?

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fuck knows what pnikkers is drinking out of

japes: 4

I’ve had 25 now


have you fuck

I’ve had 30 now

:coffee: :tea: :trophy:

She’s had 3 teas, a lemsip and a full cafetiere since I arrived

on my 4th. might have a 5th or might just crack open a can

if this was midweek i’d probably manage a few more before bedtime. drink a lot of tea out of boredom more than anything else. when it gets into winter i drink loads of tea just to keep warm

can’t believe she’s roped you into this web of lies


How does it feel to spend your every waking minute either sipping a hot drink and/or sitting on the loo pissing like a racehorse?