most ill-judged present you've ever received?

4.3 stars mate

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Sorry x

Best New Novel


did you start it?

didn’t notice the spin off thread


I left my last job having made it clear that I was incredibly unhappy there (it was working as a psychiatric claims manager for a medical insurance firm, essentially targeted on saying no to people in crisis, utterly miserable and very damaging to MH), the team all clubbed together and had a professional photo of themselves taken and framed as my leaving gift. No irony, they sincerely thought that I would put it up on my wall.

Just put the money towards a bottle of whiskey or something ffs.

Did end up using the frame for a Mastodon tour print though so it’s not all terrible.


Honest answer? I would value people spending any time at all to get me a present so it wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t to my liking. Genuinely the thought that counts. I find it somewhat egotistical to complain about a present.

“Wangerin? Not before marriage!”

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I read the first page, then completely ignored it. I used to have it backwards on the shelf so you could see the pages and not the spine, until I moved away from home and had the chance to chuck it.

My mum got me a Lego sticker book once. 33 at the time I was!

No really, I was 33. Fairly sure she put the wrong tag on the wrong present but she decided to just run with it and gave me a look which said, “I dare you to complain you ungrateful shit” and I had no response.


You’re like a bookshelf Deicide

You can appreciate the thought, but still be baffled by what they’ve chosen.


I don’t know why someone would even do that, anyway. There are enough translations from the King James Version to Eugene Peterson’s the Message that there should be no need whatsoever to turn the Bible into a novel. Unless you were trying to tell the overarching story of creation / fall / redemption to a child, maybe.

that is fucking incredible


It doesn’t even start at the beginning, it kicks off with Abraham, unless that’s come kind of prologue and it then jumps back.

Got a really expensive pen from someplace I was working as a temp for two years.

Thanks guys.


what kid doesn’t want binoculars??

reckon that’s a good present


next christmas

“tada! i found one that looks the exact same but doesn’t tick!”


think i was about 10/11 years old so was mostly into playing fitba & computer games

looking at stuff far away was pretty low down on my list of interests