most ill-judged present you've ever received?


Probably my brother and his partner getting our family a bottle of mezcal

Let’s just say not all of us had a taste


Spent the run up to Christmas one year banging on and on to my folks about how I really wanted a Game Boy. Didn’t want anything else. Just a Game Boy. Opened all my presents on the morning until the last one was left: seemed about the right size to be a Game Boy: right weight, right size, hadn’t had any really “big” presents up to that point, so odds looked good.

Opened it up, had a big flash of excitement and let out a wee “wow yes thanks!”… and then realised I’d been gifted a box of Game Boy themed bubble bath.

I think I eventually got a Game Boy for my birthday a couple of months later, but I remember being properly heartbroken at the time.

31 I was… etc etc.




And a box of lego which they called tetris.