Most impressive career arcs


Inspired by the TV thread where it was mentioned Joe Gilgun went from playing Eli Dingle in Emmerdale to Woody in This is England to Cassidy in big budget US drama Preacher.

I guess a lot of British actors and actresses are good for this. Nathalie Emmanuel went from Hollyoaks to Game of Thrones to Fast and Furious (and her brother in Holloyoaks is the star of American Gods!)

James Corden probably tops them all though, character actor in Fat Friends to fucking every job in American TV going.


Mike from Neighbours did alright for himself


Yes I believe James Cordon is the answer here. I despise him.

Simon Pegg escalated pretty quickly.


Keira Knightly from poor-man’s Natalie Portman lookalike character in Phantom Menace to poor-man’s Natalie Portman lookalike IRL.


Jameela Jamil! T4 presenter to starring in Netflix’s The Good Place. I feel as if this is an ongoing arc.


Ooh yeah, Aussie soaps are also good for this. Margot Robie is Oscar-nominated now!


was that really Keira Knightly?




The Rock
nfl reject, wrestler, mainstream star, crap movie star, biggest movie star, possible pres


Still find it very weird she somehow made that transition, but she’s very good at both things!


she is after my time at the Neighbours coalface I’m afraid

Mrs Mangle is in Picnic at Hanging Rock yknow?




dion dublin is the obvious answer isn’t it


I went from fixing aeroplanes to working in a radio station


Kate Nash starring in Netflix’s Glow


Chris Smalling: Maidstone United > Fulham > Manchester United > Hopefully back to Maidstone the useless prick


Craig from Hollyoaks being one of the leads in Pitch Perfect 3


Bill Withers

making plane toilets >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay




hollyoaks bloke to american gods
hollyoaks lass to danaerys’s handmaiden