Most interesting person in Britain

As per Smee’s wishes. Use this thread to nominate and discuss who the most interesting person in Britain is.

For my money you’ve got to think Peter Ebdon is in with a shout eh

For me, it’s got to be Victoria Coren-Mitchell.

Instaban for anyone who says Attenborough.

Bradley Walsh

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Hmm Elvia Costello would have some stories

That’s more like it!

Probably one of yer vile far right social media trolls who has a normal life and is outwardly very nice outside of that

Peter Dowdeswell

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I mean its Steve Davis isn’t it. Clue’s in the nickname.

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Quite a big fan of Ash Sarkar.

Probably the person currently in the public eye i’d most like to have tea and scones with.


Probably a retired foreign or war correspondent with like 30 grandkids and one or two niche hobbies

Jonathan Pie


Or maybe the phantom shitter at the pub I used to work at


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