Most Laborious Journey You Have Ever Made

  • On any mode of transportation (could just be on foot)
  • Any countries etc, but size of journey doesn’t really matter (unless the troublesome nature of it was down to it being 7,000,000 km or something)
  • Contextual details please
  • No fucking cycling tales

I believe mine was either as an 11 year old being forced to wheel a full blown tuba all the way home from school, or trying to get back to Britain from Denmark on no sleep for 48 hours where I kept hallucinating grey zombie arms were grabbing my arm.


Recently it was coming back from a wedding in Ireland

Got the taxi to the train station at half 6am, two trains, ferry, two trains from Holyhead to Manchester

Took about 14 hours

Really didn’t see you as a tuba guy


A round trip to Zanzibar from Entebbe which took six flights with a combined 12 hours of waiting for transfers and a good five hours of driving for the sake of one night and one full day at the resort

I was a kid who showed basic interest in music, so they basically put all the brass instruments in front of me one lunch hour and that was the one I managed to get a noise out of.
Brought it back in the next day to tell them Never, No, obviously.

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Was on a family holiday in the French countryside one time (I was probably about 12), and we went out a walk and ended up getting a bit lost, and it was roasting and we walked country lanes for hours and the only liquid my dad had put in his bag was bottles of lager so we had to drink that. Utterly farcical situation.


Sat down on the floor on virgin trains

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Went to see Radiohead in Edinburgh as a poor student and the cheapest train I could get involved around 5 different changes and took about 8 hours.

Worst of all once I got there I had to watch Radiohead lol.

But there were dozens of reserved seats you couldn’t have sat on!!!

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School coach trip from Glasgow to Germany. Must’ve been over 24 hours.

I have to travel to Edinburgh :frowning: in February :frowning: :frowning: on a stag do :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Ooft! You training it?

Might just start walking now


Travelling between Perquin in El Salvador, and Leon in Nicaragua. It was an 11 hour journey which involved taking 8 different buses, and 2 border crossings (El Salvador → Honduras then Honduras → Nicaragua).

Had to pay for my bus across Honduras in Honduran Lempira, but as I hadn’t spent any time in the country, I had to buy some at the first border, without knowing how much the bus would cost. Underestimated it, so had to go back to the exchange desk, during which time the bus left, so ended up sitting around at the border for ages.

Proclaimers on repeat the whole way.


Drove a hire car (it was a pickup, but a Lada, and flimsy as fuck) from Cairo through the desert in the dead of night to get to my yoga retreat in Ras Sudr (about a 5.5/6 hour drive), in the middle of July (so hot), on my own, with limited Arabic, through about ten armed military checkpoints. I had also sliced a chunk off my index finger on a trolley at cairo airport and was bleeding profusely, and I needed a poo quite badly but was never in a million years going to stop off anywhere. On that note, shat myself a wee bit and although I am generally hard as nails, even I can admit that looking back I was probably having a minor breakdown. I sang most of the way but i couldn’t tell you what.


Coach from Nottingham to Costa Dorada as my mum didn’t want to fly

Going to Munich and back in a day and having to go to work on either side of this day.
Also any Mega bus journey anywhere.

you wot mate? That’s a long coach trip! I have a number of non-flyers in my family, but we cruise or go somewhere in the uK.


Megabuses have more comfortable seating and better drop-off points/routes in general than National Express