Most / Least 'Qualified' DiSers



I’m guessing there are a fair range of qualifications which you lot have gained. Interested to find out who has got the biggest brain here.

What you got then?

  • Doctoral degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Occupational / Professional qualification
  • Higher National Diploma
  • Higher National Certificate
  • A-level
  • GCSE

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5m swimming badge


That’s MSc (Econ) you you.


Passed my cycling proficiency test in primary school. Still got the badge somewhere.


More like YSc


Colinzealuk, MEng (Hons), 4 A-Levels, 10 GCSEs, reporting for duty!


That’s Legum Baccalaureus to you :wink:


Got an international baccalaureate instead of a levels cause I didn’t vote for brexit


Er… Doctor @he_2?


BSc(hons) DipTP PGCE


Honestly though qualifications are not the best measure for intelligence, I know people who are so clever but for one reason or the other haven’t got a degree or whatever, and people that would stagger you with their stupidity at university


An extensive collection of name tags and hairnets.


boring old BSc (Hons)


does a bullshit short course qualification type thing in how to lay out websites count?


Any genuine Professors on here (I’m looking at you @profk … smh)


professor of beers.


Agreed. The OP/title are somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Some of the most qualified people I know are also those that are the most lacking in inter-personal skill, warmth, and emotional intelligence


This is really just a game of “how much have educational institutions mugged you off?”


dr epimer, isn’t it?


captainricebox BEng (hons), 3 A Levels, 1 As Level, 10 GCSEs, 2 Key Stage 3 SAT 7s, I think I failed English, with a 4 or something.