Most mexican lagers and beers are rubbish

Funny that, eh.

Modelo is delicious come at me


Used to love a Modelo.

Does Wachaca do a thing where you can buy some syrup stuff that’s spicy to add a kick to your overpriced beer?

I had that once. It was ok.

Modelo is the best one I’ve had. Think I remember Ocho Reales being decent with spicy food.

Sol, Corona, Pacifico - terrible

Dunno - could go for either of these tbh tbf…




they’re fine. Dos Equis is ok and some of the darker ones are nice enough. it’s quite telling that they so happily turn any of the main ones into cheladas or micheladas though.

edit: they’ve got some decent craft breweries now though, which are starting to take off, so hopefully they might improve. I had a few good stouts out there.

Dos equis is good
Modelo is decent
Corona is fine tbh

Not with you on this jordo, sorry to say, I will not be investing


Never had a Michelada

they’re …interesting. depending on how they’re made (how much fresh lime and fruit is added) they would be a good hair of the dog, if you’re up for a salsa flavoured beer when hungover.

Now I just want to go to Mexico. Thanks, DiS.

Might have one tonight

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Corona and Modello give me maaaad heartburn. Sol and Pacifico are alright though.

This one is the boy

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possibly your worst thread, numbers. and that’s really saying something.


I love Desperados, it’s amazing and if they have that at the Craft Beer Co I will have one over some wanky over-hopped IPA with a stupid name

They’re french, aren’t they?


Let’s not bring race into it

Damn. You mentioned Desparados.

Every time I see that bottle in the supermarket or pub fridge I get The Eagles song in my head.


Where do you stand on desperado Verde (lime and mint) and the red one (guarana)

We got a free box of promo ones of each at this pub I was working at during my studies, but everyone hated them. So we just took to hate downing them after shifts. Remember vomiting a red minty stream and hating myself

OMG I had no idea! Will try them at the earliest opportunity.

The Verde might be okay (or it might just be lager and Sprite), the red one sounds weird though.

Look forward to perusing the massive craft beer list slowly then asking for the gimmicky flavoured lager :+1: