Most North/South/East/West You've Been


North - Manchester
West - Fisterra (Spain)
South - Sevilla (Spain)
East - Bratislava (Slovakia)



The answer to all four is fried green tomatoes


North: Iceland
West: Florida
South: Singapore
East: Cebu, the Philippines


Barely knew 'erra


North: Skye
West: Vancouver
South: Greece
East: Budapest


Last time we did this, weren’t we forced to put coordinates in?


North: Kemijärvi, Finland
South and East: Invercargill, New Zealand
West: Tofino,Canada


Canary islands
Canary islands


North: Reykjavik
West: Tampa
South: Abu Dhabi
East: Beijing


North: Iceland
West: New Jersey
South: Dar es Salaam
East: Zanzibar


N- Reykjavik
S-Essaouira in Morocco
E- Tokyo
W- Reykjavik


'ardley kne-


The planet is ROUND you bunch of B.O.Bs


north pole
south pole
east pole
west pole

(both types of pole for each)


n: iceland
s: new zealand
e: new zealand
w: usa


North: Skye
West: Santa Barbara
South: Uyuni
East: Ho Chi Minh


North: Iceland
South/East: Singapore
West: San Fran


N - Ed’bro (Scotland)
E - Tiberias (Israel)
S - San Cristobal de las Casas (Mexico)
W - Victoria (Canada)



Oil City, WA is the furthest west I have been


we’re not counting fake places, m9.