Most North/South/East/West You've Been

felt like i was at the end of the world


thats a great photo tbh.

(not mine)

North: Reykjavic, Iceland.
East: Rotorua, New Zealand.
South: Invercargill, New Zealand.
West: San Francisco, USA.

North: John o’Groats
West: Canary Islands
South: Canary Islands
East: Krakow

shit thread m8

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North: Inverness
South: Crete
East: Also Crete
West: Massachusetts/New Hampshire

Went to California and Florida when I was little, but have no recollection of this so not including those.

does it matter?

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Alright, ruffers

North - Tallin
East - Tokyo
South - Hong Kong
West - Vancouver

Turns out I’ve never been into the southern hemisphere. Am I missing anything?

Australia, New Zealand, the Amazon?


Where does west end and east begin?

North: Greenland
South: Indonesia
East: Indonesia
South-East: Indonesia
West: California

N - Iceland
E - Fiji
S - New Zealand
W -California

North: Oslo, Norway
East: South Korea
South: Johannesburg, South Africa
West: Toronto, Canada

North: Keflavik, Iceland
East: Berlin, Germany
South: Lagos, Nigeria
West: Maryland, US

North: Glasgow
South: Perth
East: Also Perth (apparently it’s further east than Singapore, who knew)
West: Tofino, Vancouver Island