Most pairs of pants (underwear) you've bought in one go

I bought eight (8) new ones this week, all of the same kind. Eight!

Hope they fit.

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I need to buy some new pants

Probs an M&S 5 pack.

Treat yourself, buy 9

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You’ve just given me an idea for a very mediocre thread!


New style? Beware double-sided skiddage.

Clearance online of some designer brand grundies. Been meaning to buy some new ones for a while and decided to go large (medium actually) and get 8. Big risk as they might be uncomfortable, but sometimes you’ve just got to take risks and live a little.

How can you expect a better life for yourself if you don’t take a skidz gamble from time to time?

Your cousin’s a trailblazer!


Now that I know which thread that is, I can confirm its mediocrity.


I met the expectations I’d laid out at the start of the project.

One for the journal, this!


What about spares

Seems like she could have just bought a few extra pairs to avoid having to xylo it up for a few nights, but who am I to judge.

In my living room, mostly.

When me and my partner had been dating a few months and she said she’d clear a drawer in the bedroom I went down Tezzers and bought 2 x four packs of pants (black trunks, natch), and a load of socks. Filled that piddly little drawer right up so she’d have to give me a second one, and that’d a big commitment so she had no choice but to never leave me. Tesco boxers, a surefire route to lifelong happiness at a reasonable price.