Most pathetic of God's creatures


It’s daddy long legs. I’m very much a live and let live kinda guy when it comes to creepy crawlies in the room/house, but I’m posting this at two in the morning because a daddy long legs got in and was making such a racket that I had to take it out with extreme prejudice.

Looking forward to waking up to 70+ replies to this. Night night.


alright Ricky Gervais.








Simply because of the word ‘batshit’ (where did that even come from?). I like using it, but why is it a word?!




Definitely a person, all the animals/plants/fungi etc are great


The only way I can imagine they’ve made the cut natural selection-wise is if they’re so shit nothing wants to eat them. How else can they have evolved?


Dunno. But have you ever smelt bat shit? It’s really grim.


Went in the bat cave at Chester Zoo. Stunk, hot, cant see anything and they fly into you. Shite


Did the same. Terrifying


Jellyfish, the pointlessness of life in is most manifest physical form.







I’m going to approach this semantically - “pathetic” literally means “arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness.”

So I’m going to say… a puppy with a broken paw who doesn’t understand.


*Atheist god



red-lipped batfish

can’t even swim - just walks about on the sea-bed


The fuck