Most pointless thing you do out of sheer habit/embarrassment at the alternatives etc

Me? I’m shortsighted as hell and don’t get on with contact lenses, so I’m practically blind without my glasses. Today I went to the barber, and like every other barbers’ visit I’ve made in the last 25 years, I have to take off my glasses yet said “yeh, that looks great” when he flourished the mirror at the end. So, so pointless; he could probably shave “FUD” into the back of my head and I’d be oblivious, saying “great, thanks” and reaching for my tenner :confused:


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I thought this was going to be about when you remember something really embarrassing and you have to shout something out at random to make it go away.


That sort of thing.

I don’t know if this embarrassment Tourettes is specific to me or not?


My barber puts my glasses on my face in slow-mo so I can admire his work. Not that I wouldn’t just smile and nod anyway.


That would be worth an extra tip I feel.

I hate walking in my building behind someone who also lives here so if I see them in the street I’ll intentionally hang back to avoid the “yeah hold the door, cheers mate” conversation and awkwardly staring at their butt as they climb the stairs before me.


that sounds deeply, deeply erotic.

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You’d be surprised

This post works just as well as a reply to Isa’s directly above…


i have this but i go “DELIGHTFUL” at top volume

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It’s the weirdest thing. So glad it’s not just me!

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:frowning: this is heartbreaking

I remember I had longish hair and got really drunk around my brother’s house once maybe 8 years or so ago and insisted he shaved my head…he actually did it :frowning: man that was a rough day.

Anyway that’s my bad hair story :man_shrugging:

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I just tend to go “ARGHHHHH” at random intervals if I think of something embarrassing, i’ll do this at work or on public transport too which can also be embarrassing at this the cycle continues alas


If I remember rightly, you looked pretty boss with a shaved bake. (boss can mean good, right?)

they always give me my glasses back before asking how it looks which really ups the tension

Oh man, I do this all the time, and I wince a bit too when I do it. It’s like a strangled rarrrrrggh sound. Nice and socially acceptable. I also sigh a lot when I’m exasperated, which I find embarrassing, which can then become a bit of a cycle.

I’ve just done one of the @Scout shouts for when you remember something embarrassing you’ve done. My shout is more of a scrunch up my face and do a Marge Simpson growl. The embarrassing thing in question was when I went to visit my friend from college at university, went on a night out with him and 100% his university friends I hadn’t met before, thought in conversation they were laughing at John Oliver so I did what I thought was a hilarious John Oliver impression and everybody looked at me like I was fucked up. Turns out I’d misheard and they were talking about a footballperson who is foreign, none of them knew who John Oliver was and it appeared to them I was doing a really absurdly inaccurate racist impersonation.

It’s been about 7 years and the excruciating memory is still wrecking my life.