Most posts by a single person in a thread


Don’t think these include the ones I have muted but my top two are:
@Saps for his riddles thread (how the fuck have I not muted that?) with 1,702
@Yesiamaduck for the Switch thread with 1,216

There could be something truly heinous in the cycling threads.


No-one reads the cycling threads. Not even me.


It’s nice when people like to discuss a topic on the community


Someone is posting in them though!


I think you’d be brilliant in my riddles thread.

You’re not welcome but you’d be great.


There is no judgement here other than on cyclists (not cyclists as such but cyclists who post in the cycling thread), which I welcome.


To be honest we used to do them as a family when I was yoot.


He got kicked off another force, boss. Too much of a loose cannon.


I can see you sat there in your junior Stasi uniform trying to work out which person had betrayed the state.


I’d like to see these statistics in “percentage of posts in a thread by one user” as opposed to “number of posts in a thread by one user”


They were orderly riddles which always ended with a satisfactory conclusion of incarceration.



it doesn’t give you the stats once a thread gets locked! what bullshit

so no idea what the final numbers were on the cycling thread that got auto-locked at 10k replies


I’m only joking of course.

You’re more than welcome.

You’d be useless and a definite burden but you’d be very welcome.


I’m not going in there to look.


Saps = 34.4186%
Duck = 18.695%


if anything it’s damning for many people that it ISN’T me


Start counting then


I’ve never really been one for working out the percentages of something.


In this case you just need to divide the number of posts by the individual by the number in the thread. Stick a decimal point two digits in.