Most pressurised and nerve ridden moment

Inspired by our young heroes having to take penalties last night, I don’t think I would have able to do it without crying or my legs going to jelly let alone score. (Seriously though it must be really quite a lot to go though) Have you guys ever had any similar experiences and how did you fair?

had to sing a solo as King Herod at primary nativity


Final penalty in a shootout in the Essex under 13s Cup semi final, against easily the best team, who had pummeled us all game and won the league having dropped 4 points all season (side foot, bottom right, slotted, obviously)

Remember getting the yips at 10 years old when I was on the top diving board at the local baths. Other than that I have never suffered greatly with nerves. Had some relatively high pressure moments in sport and at work but not really been stressed

Don’t tend to suffer from nerves hardly at all - do a lot of presentations as part of my job, used to be penalty taker for my football team, done bungee/skydive/flying etc (yes, yes, I am great).

HOWEVER, a few years ago my extremely minorly famous mate got married and asked me to be his best man. It was actually the fourth time I’d been best man, and had enjoyed the three other times well enough. This time around though I got really nervous about the best man’s speech. Come the day there was a smattering of musicians, journalists and MPs there which did not calm me down. Had to get absolutely smashed to get through it. Everyone was very nice afterwards but I assume it was terrible.The idea of ever watching the video of it is enough to give me a panic attack to this day :scream::scream::scream_cat:

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He invited MPS and journalists to his wedding? He must be of relative note.

First class I ever taught in January. I guess proper teachers sort of ease into it shadowing classes and doing bits and bobs on their own from time to time, but I was literally plonked in front of a class of 16/17 year olds for two hours and got told to do my thing.

Was ABSOLUTELY shitting it before - had that peep show moment where you start thinking to yourself - ‘if I just ran away and got a bargain bucket/join al-qaeda, it might be better than this’


Second ever stand up comedy set. Thought I would be ok with it all because of so much time spent fronting bands n stuff, but had a full on panic attack and every part of me just wanted to sprint out of the door and never look back. The whole fact that it was just me and the things I was saying and doing under scrutiny just hit me like a wall of negativity and fear. Set itself went quite well actually, which was nice.


surgery. even the nurses were making fun of how nervous i was

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Reading a poem at a school assembly aged about seven. Couldn’t get the words out in practice, feigned illness on the day but no dice. Literally as i was about to deeply embarrass myself infront of the whole school some poor fucker pissed himself.


The hours (and week) leading up to my viva- supervisor had convinced me I was going to fail and I’d been pretty depressed about it for months. Was having regular meltdowns in Tesco etc and had hidden that it was happening from everyone. Had to wear stupid sub fusc for the exam and managed to rip my tights on the way there meaning a panic ridden last minute trip to M&S. Was almost crying when I got a call from the internal examiner asking where I was as it was supposed to have started half an hour ago. Think by this point I could barely speak and was hyperventilating and had no idea how I was going to get through a three hour grilling. Turned out actually ok and I passed but never want to go through that again.

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I have got that feeling of just wanting to run, it takes the enjoyment out of it but I suppose after a while you get used to the situation

I’m totally used to it now, but I still have no idea how I did that first lesson tbh.

just playing live solo or in a band I guess but I love performing it’s a transformative experience for me.

Probably that penalty I took against Columbia

The record company?

Didn’t know they had a team



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I’ve just parallel parked a rented mini SUV on a tiny cobbled street while seven angry Portuguese men were (I assume) swearing and beeping their horns at me. My gf’s idea of helping me - parked car in front, steel bollard behind - was to stand around looking nervous.


you were unlucky to get the angry seven instead of the magnificent
(a lovely dad joke )

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Getting pushed under a wave whilst out bodyboarding in Cornwall one summer. I wasn’t under long but feeling like I couldn’t get up was terrifying