Most scary songs you know


I don’t usually get scared by any song, but uhhhhhhh

What are the most scary songs you know?? Like scary scary, really scary, not a bit scary, but scary scary.

PS: I could post any Silencer songs but it won’t even try.


Pissgrave. Can’t listen to it. Makes me feel unwell. Never had that with any other music.

I mean I’m not sure what I was expecting.


I can’t confirm if this is the right song because I don’t want to hear it ever again.


Had a listen. I reckon it’s the right song.

Sad face.


okay that’s not the version what the hell
that’s not even scary

if you can listen to it, THIS one:
Coil - I Don’t Get It


It is and you don’t


I just realised, I was not just exclaiming ‘Pissgrave’. It’s a band. Of sorts. theneedledropwanker reviewed it and said it was horrible to listen to. I waded in all billy big-bollocks and came out suzie shrivelled-manhood.


Right at the end of Entroducing there is a sample from Prince of Darkness. I’d listened to the album many times and not given it any thought (I had never seen the film) I eventually saw the film and the next time I listened (late at night obvs.) the sample kicked in whilst I was on the edge of sleep and it scared me silly.



Definitely this


All of The Haxan Cloak’s ‘Excavation’ really. Bobby himself called it a walk through hell or something didn’t he?



I believe it’s supposed to be a journey after death or something



Most scared I’ve ever been at a song was when I somehow managed to set my old hi-fi to have an alarm at like 2am. Normally I would be woken up at like 7am with some gentle ambient music, but this time it blasted out Aphex Twin’s Come to Daddy. Imagine waking up to “IIIIIII want your soooouuullllll” in the middle of the night! Terrifying.


All of the songs off The Drift by Scott Walker. Seems wrong to listen to it in any circumstance except alone in the dark but then I barely ever make it through because I feel so ruddy disconcerted





Posted this before in one of these types of threads but it’s still relevant. Scared me shitless when I heard it aged about 13 on Annie Nightingale’s show many moons ago.