Most scary songs you know





I’ve had the reply box open for about ten minutes because I was going to try and remember which NWW album creeped me out the most, only I got sidetracked.

yeah, NWW though.


This is my absolute favourite Portishead track but I was playing it one day and my kids said it sounded like witchcraft music!




In that it’s very likely about the film Threads, yes. This one’s terrifying.


Not right in the head really is it…


hah :smiley: kind of has a body horror feeling to it, that’s what makes it so creepy. not one for listening to for the first time on your own at night in the dark, with no real idea of what it is.


Given that it’s supposed to the soundtrack to surgery, this probably deserves a mention. Still love the chant from 1:18 ish.


Yeah it has the vibe of walking down a darkened corridor in Resident Evil / Silent Hill and stumbling across something beyond disturbing. They should sign these guys up to do the soundtrack for any future releases.


I bet he wouldn’t. He was reluctant to work with Stereolab because he thought they were too commercial. But that would be a frightfully effective combination.


The bit when he makes ‘the noise’ is definitely the most terrifying part of it for me. I’d been warned beforehand though. Can’t imagine how scary it would be if you weren’t expecting it


The Donald Duck bit?

The problem is it looks ridiculous on paper. Even if you know it’s coming, nothing can prepare you.

I got freaked out trawling Wikipedia while listening to Bish Bosch. I was looking into the words and concepts he explored, and I stumbled across an article on gynozootics.

Don’t read about gynozootics while listening to Bish Bosch.


It’s weird that for an album that has songs about Mussolini’s wife and the Bosnian genocide, it’s an impression of Donald Duck that is by far the scariest bit


the answer is still this


Wins thread


Fucking love that album.


A lot of tracks from the It Follows soundtrack. Last 10 seconds of this is just :scream: