Most shit's too long nowadays

Some isn’t but lots is.


Totally agree.

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Or is your attention span too short now?

I don’t think so, but people complaining that shit’s too long are everywhere.

If you are going togive me that attitude please try to be more succinct.

“How long is that film? 2 hours?! Not watching that ffs”

^That’s the type of thing people are coming out with left, right and centre, and I’m fed up with it.


Depends on the film, boy wizards and people with special powers don’t need to be knocking about for three hours.

What really inspired this thread was murder porn buff @ericVI thread. Making a Murderer was ten episodes of an hour plus. Fuck that shit.


Have you tried eating more fibre?

I was thinking I haven’t had all-bran for ages. Used to love that slushy shit.

I like long books though and BotW and making love in the rain.

I’ve noticed that Netflix are making documentaries that should be about 75 minutes long and spreading them over six or eight episodes.

Wormwood’s a good example, or that one about the cult. Both good, but one-off programmes, not series, PAL.

They’re right though. 90 m or I’m out (asleep)

Think balonx is probably referring to the wait for the royal baby name. They were suggesting his on MN this morning.

EXACTLY! At least cult one was 6 episodes not 10.

I hope it’s Balonz.


Was reading an article about some billionaire who died (named Matthew Mellon), and his kids are called Force, Olympia and Minty, all of which would be acceptable royal baby names. William and Kate are bores though, so they won’t use them. Hazza and Megan will be our main hope for good names.

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Spot the deliberate error. Only two of those are long things.

Hey Lonzy, would you take extending each day by an hour and a half if it meant losing one day from each week as a result?

What would this mean for my death? I would lose 13.5 hours a week but live for more? Is that right. what is happening to my weekends?

You would live the same amount of time that you already will but the days will be longer and they’ll be less of them. Dunno about weekends yet, maybe you have to work a half day from home on one of them or something.

I think I will pass but thanks for the offer.