Most stupid film you've ever watched


Apply the word stupid in whatever way you want.

For me, it’s Now You See Me. Absolutely staggering that they considered that good enough to release. I haven’t seen the sequel, I can only assume it’s even worse.


Only film I’ve ever walked out of was Never Been Kissed. Not even sure why I was there in the first place.


An absolutely fucking shite film


Failure to Launch (also the worst film I’ve ever seen)


Avatar, though I missed the beginning.


The Day After Tomorrow has to be right up there. Love the bit when they’re freezing to death and debating which books to burn in the library… while they sit on these massive WOODEN chairs. And where they outrun the frost, fucking dumb.Similarly - the film 2012. Don’t remember much from it but I do remember thinking “this is just woefully stupid.”

I’m tempted to say The Happening but I love that film so it gets a pass.


By the standards of Now You See Me 2, the initial one is a masterpiece.


Saw Split on Friday, that was right up there for sure


Oh god what am I saying.

Dirty Grandpa.
Paul Blart 2.
Zoolander 2.

All of them. Fucking horrific stupid messes the lot of em.


Army of One, the Larry Charles/Nic Cage/Bin Laden killing may be up there

Battlefield Los Angeles or whatever it was called was pretty daft

Reign of Fire in how mind numingly dull it was


i saw the first paul blart. would have been worse if i’d have paid for it.


actually no, the Lovely Bones


Leonard Part 6. I actually took this back to the video shop after 20 minutes and asked if I could change it. Think we got The Money Pit instead.


Evil Aliens -

This was the first present I ever bought my bf. We found the quote on the cover “More gore than a bomb in a butchers shop” amusing so I got it for him as a joke for Valentines day :scream: I watched a bit before I gave it to him and ended up writing a big apology letter for even considering letting him watch it. I thought it might at least be funny in a bad way but no, just no.


Identity - a “psychological horror” from those post Sixth Sense days where a film was only as good as its twist.

The twist here? All the action is taking place in the mind of a schizophrenic, and the characters represent his mind’s battle with itself. Dreadful, yes, but fair enough, I guess. The problem is, this twist is revealed halfway through the film, so from then on you’re supposed to care about the fate of characters who you’ve just been told don’t really exist.

Also made such heavy use of thunder and lightning to create tension that it’s probably not safe for epileptics.




Leprechaun, starring Warwick Davis and Jennifer Aniston. There are 7 of those films somehow.


bad in a funny way* Christ.


I’d go for something that got widespread critical acclaim and that a lot of users on this site like


‘Green Street’. Absolute fucking nonsense.