Most talented people in music today

I mean we all have bands we quite like - but I am talking about amazing talent. Prince levels of talent. People who can do it all, effortlessly, and make everyone else look like journeymen. People who have a uniqueness about them, and can do exactly as they please.

Ed Sheeran


The obvious choice. I should have caveated Ed in my opening statement.



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It would save me a lot of typing if the mods would merge this thread into this one.

Kidding but also kind of not kidding

are you a pumpkins fan then?


Can’t help feeling that Corgan has tarnished his brand somewhat to be talked about in this way.

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She’s a little new on the block to be fully judged, but I’d say someone like FKA Twigs demonstrates the type of talent I’m talking about. There is a uniqueness to what she does. She does it all. Production, composition, directs the videos, choreographs dancings like no-one else can. Fuck off, don’t give a shit attitude.

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Nils Frahm
Justin Vernon
Neko Case
Alex G
Janelle Monae
James Dean Bradfield
FKA Twigs
St Vincent
Jon Hopkins

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Jonny Greenwood and Sufjan Stevens?

Jamie Lenman and Childish Gambino were the first to come to my mind.

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Gavin Harrison makes every other drummer look and sound like… ummm… a drummer.

bet there’s at least 100,000 people on the planet at any one time who are good enough to write and play any kind of music at the highest level on every instrument there is.


Yes. But if they are just one amongst 100,000, then that’s not the sort of talent I’m talking about. Who has the edge? Who is one of half a dozen or so?

nobody really it’s all luck and circumstance

Ahh. I get it. Am I talking to one the 100,000?

no way! I’m middling on two or three instruments. I’m one of the maybe 1 billion

Just my view but I think it’s all down to how you connect on a personal level often at a young age. There’s probably tonnes of bands I could have been fanatical about which will never happen for me now because I would be discovering them too late in life. That’s the fun though right, anybody can make great music in someone else’s ears

but yeah it’s a fun question even so to think about really talented people, sorry!