Most underrated/overlooked chocolate bar?

Was it about saying that a “multipack lunchbox snack” option was actually a good chocolate bar in its own right?

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nope, I don’t even know what they are!

It was classic Bamnan philosophical musings but this one actually got filtered out by my QA department

It’s a good and valuable department for any business or online brand IMO

disappointed that I need it tbh, all my thoughts should be great

Do you operate with a Quality Assurance or a Quality Assistance model, Bammers?

I’m afraid it’s more of a quality assurance model, I don’t spend enough time on any one thought to incorporate testing and feedback into the thought development phase


I would really recommend “shifting left” should you have the option to do so x

I was born left-handed, play guitar left-handed, and am politically left. I’m happy to look into expanding upon the ways I embody leftism.

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You can all look forward to more of my great thoughts on chocolate bars and beyond at a future date x

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oh I used to love a drifter as a kid!

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The living fuck is a ‘starbar’ people?

It can’t be a northern thing because I used to live there and it can’t be a thing only old people remember because I’m 41. Why have I never heard of this?

Had one today from a central London Sainsbury’s, essentially a peanut boost

It’s a boost but with peanut butter in it for some reason

No idea why I posted this when our friend ttf had covered it

White chocolate coconut princessa

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Not many white chocolate bars are there

Huh. Weird. Wonder what other treasures might be out there waiting for me to discover them.

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Absolutely, Fry’s five fruits was truly a boss amongst chocolate bars.

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Here in Australia Cadbury’s do a Cherry Ripe which you can occasionally find in the UK - dark chocolate covering a coconut and cherry interior mix


They’re lovely.