Most underwhelming work perk

Think it’s easyJet speedy boarding for me.

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Friday afternoon hand jobs.


Suppose it’ll keep your wrists supple.


access to a private garden in the middle of the square. involves a load of hassle getting the key, however, plus you look like a bit of a prick chilling in a private garden.

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Used to have corporate passes to the botanic gardens. Felt very meh.

Although I did use it as my place to take calls from recruiters, so that was good I suppose.

all-you-can-eat rice cakes



10% discount at a whole bunch of overpriced Cambridge bike shops. “Ooh, only £950 for a new Brompton!”

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Our colleagues in Andover get a “Free pet health check and a free 15 minute appointment for new patients.” at a local vets clinic down there.

free work (ie safety) clothes

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We’ve got access to one of those websites where you can sign up and get loads of discounts.

cba, obviously.


Oh yeah I get emails about that. Literally never look at it as I somehow doubt they offer discounts at boardgameguru.

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Oo, like helmets?

hard hat, boots, goggles

get some nice carhartt type stuff every now and again which i’m not ashamed to wear outside of work too which is actually quite a decent perk i guess.

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Free eye tests (never had an eye test in my life so maybe this is a good perk?)

get out

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Free tea - but it’s not Yorkshire Tea.

I’d be all about those goggles too.

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Cannot imagine what part of the country you’re from.