Most useless gift you've ever been given


My uncle gave me and my husband a literal white elephant for our wedding gift. I don’t know what it’s made of (marble? really hope it’s not ivory) but it weighs about 10 kg. Didn’t want to sound ungrateful but I would have preferred some cutlery tbh

Here he is

Unwanted gifts

My boyfriend’s parents sent us a big hamper at Christmas. One of the goodies was a really rank smelling air freshener for the car that we don’t own.


Digital photo frame keyring from a work Secret Santa.

Shaving kit from my mum that I can’t use due to my skin. Two years in a row.


That’s blatantly ivory, btw.


Someone the TV works with got a dog bowl from a relative last Christmas (she doesn’t own a dog).


Maybe the relative is getting her one in installments. Next Christmas: front left paw.


nah. bone china or some shit


My old company gave everyone a digital photo frame to celebrate its 30th birthday. Not averse to this per se, but it had the resolution of early Mario games. Don’t know why anyone would choose to 1) make and 2) purchase a product that doesn’t do the one thing it’s designed to do.


A bluetooth-enabled lightbulb that is also a speaker and you can change the colour to one of 256 presets. Actually, that’s pretty great.


This book:


the curse of secret santa got me a set of props for selfies - a frame to shove your stupid head in, cardboard glasses and hats on sticks to hold in front of your stupid face

not just useless, made me feel irate


i’m sure i’ve mentioned my grandma’s cousin on here before. married a millionaire, was widowed fairly young and sat on the money until she died so she could donate it all to charity. had no kids, and her parents adopted my grandma so she used to buy me a christmas present every year. was always things like wall plaques and travel alarm clocks from poundland and poundstretcher. one year when i was about 7 she got me a set of 3 travel alarm clocks. where did she think i was going?


no i dont think it is



The Bible as a novel?!

The Bible is primarily written in narrative form. I bet they’ve missed out all the fun stuff like the talking donkey.


My mother-in-law once saw fit to wrap up a second hand copy of PC User magazine without the free disc and stick it under the Christmas tree. She did it in the genuine expectation that I might be interested in it, so I couldn’t look too disappointed.

But I think that was trumped by my father-in-law giving me a fairly heavy, glass-feeling present that would soon prove to be a large jar of Chicken Tonight.


spoilers ffs!


Place your bets now

  • This is made of ivory
  • This is made of something else (lolno)

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It’s definitely ivory


A black bird cage that looked like the only surviving artefact from a house fire. It was a wedding gift.