most walkouts you've ever seen at the cinema

following on from the chat about people walking out of the Odeon surprise screening of Petite Maman - what film have you seen the most people abandoning? You always read about festival audiences bailing on controversial films, but it’s really not something I’ve come across in person

Would be Killer Joe for me anyway - saw probably 4 couples heading out after some of the most violent degrading KFC scenes. Some clearly left as pairs, while other times one half left quickly while the other partner hung back slightly, clearly wanting to stay and watch more but also regretting their choices of date night film :smiley:


Been in a bunch of mystery screenings where people have left at the title card - idgi personally but they were free to Cineworld Unlimited members, so I guess I can see on some level understand walking out when you’ve got no investment.

In terms of actual films people have presumably paid for…

I remember quite a few people leaving during Mary Poppins Returns, which was kinda bizarre because… what were they expecting?!

Quite a few during Mother!, now that I remember it. Maybe a little more understandable.

Probably when the credits roll.


Wasn’t really counting but think about a dozen people left Burn After Reading when I saw that. It wasn’t great but certainly wasn’t walk out bad.

Haven’t seen that one.


Also Killer Joe’s great, what a bunch of wimps!

  • I am a walker outer
  • I will always stay and watch the entire film for some reason

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A good dozen or so left during the first twenty minutes of Sweeney Todd. Tbf it hadn’t been advertised as a musical.

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Not sure it counts as a walk out but went to a fucking dreadful pirates of the Caribbean film that had an intermission and only about a quarter of the people went back in for the second half (I did not)

Think during Hostel I saw people leave. Me and my friend delated it but we were skint students so stuck it out to get value. I paid for that miserable time, you’d better believe I’m getting it.


happy to endorse the concept of walking out, just never had anything that’s made me take that step yet

also im usually with other people and would feel weird heading out and leaving them behind/assuming they’d come with me

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I don’t go to the cinema often enough to risk there being a chance that I’ll dislike the film I’m watching so much I’d walk out.


If I walk out I’ll just go to the pub opposite the cinema and have a sit/read/fag. Will text my film companions so when they come out they know where I am

Dunno if I mentioned but I walked out of Dune


Cosmopolis was full of people who I can only assume went thinking it was similar to Twilight cause R Patz was in it. Screen lost about 75% of people within 20 minutes

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Reckon upwards of a third of the audience had walked out by the final act.

Hey @Mert_Aksac - I went to see Dune again on Friday and a guy walked out of it after about 6 mins, was it you?

I will walk out of films I’m hating, however, I love going to see films so I’ve only ever done it a few times.

Ah yeah, loads of teenage girls walked out of corrupt-journalist-scandal biopic Shattered Glass who, presumably and confusingly, bought tickets because it starred moody young Hayden Christensen.

Yeah, that was the 4th time I’ve walked out of it- I’m going again on Friday.


Mother also good, people are so silly.