Mother! film (*Possible spoilers*)

Has anyone seen this yet?

We went to see this on Saturday night and haven’t stopped talking or thinking about it since. Neither of us have slept pretty well since then and I can only imagine its because we have been haunted by it.

I very nearly walked out at a certain part of the film because I think it went too far.

This helped me understand it but obviously do not read if you haven’t seen it.

You can spend forever analysing each individual feather on the bird, but it’s still a turkey.


I don’t really get people’s appetite for modern horror films tbh. Like, “oooooh, I’d love to watch wolf creek, a film based on actual rape and murder of real people, graphically depicted for my entertainment!!1”

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Well I actually came out of the film particularly angry.
I don’t like gorey horror films but the trailer for this film made it out to be just a creepy house situation that would maybe be a bit eery and a bit jumpy but not much more than that. What transpired was completely different to what I was expecting. Hence why I was angry and almost walked out.

I actually hated this film for a number of reasons.

So my wife saw the trailer for this and is gagging to see it but one of the things that triggers anxiety for her is the fear of not being safe in her own home/someone breaking in etc.

Reckon it’s best to give her a heavy content warning beforehand given that?


There was no way a trailer could have honestly depicted this film without giving away the whole thing or putting everyone off from the start

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Spoiler alert ffs!

My gf was also absolutely livid when we got out of the screening and didn’t calm down till about an hour and a half later after a decision to order Chinese in.

I was with it for about the first third as a kind of black comedy and was finding Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer really entertaining in a very heightened way. It lost me in a big way after that despite the fact that I’ve never had a cinematic experience quite like it and it will definitely stay with me.

Have read up on all the allegorical theories etc now and they all make sense but they don’t make the film any more palatable.

She should absolutely not see it


I think she should make her own decision about that. I guess my request was more about how one explains the content of the film without firing spoilers all over the place.

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I read a full synopsis of this and it sounds like absolute balls. Can’t imagine I’d make it through without cracking up.

She’s not even a proper mother!

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It’s not so much the content of the film but parts were alarmingly claustrophobic, disorientating and confusing.

The best way my bf could describe it was like having a really bad experience on drugs.

Ah ok! She’s a big Aronofsky fan so she knows all about his directorial style etc. (Pi and Requiem for a Dream are both similar to differing extents in this regard). But, noted.

I think I liked it, but I can see why people would really really hate it.

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Well yeah, that wasn’t meant as an order or anything obviously. I would say based on what you’ve described there that this will be extremely triggering for her though.

This is how I feel about it. I was so angry and we went to a late showing so got home about 12:30 and my bf was like “I don’t wanna talk about it” but then woke up in the night and said “I can’t stop thinking about the film”.

I think you can add reasoning to anything but I just felt like a lot of things were just added for the sake of it to see how far they could push the viewer. Surely the stuff with the baby would be something that would be banned? Like thats too much. I also didn’t think the acting was enough to keep the film afloat. JLaw was just pretty flat.

Everyone i’ve spoken to about it has just gone “that makes me want to see it even more now” and I don’t think people realize how scarring it is.

I bet it’s fine.

I think Paramount strike the right tone with their response here