Mother God Like Splash

I see Mother had an album launch for their debut God Like Splash at the Soup Kitchen in Manchester. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since hearing a few of their tunes on 6 music over the past year. Yet I cannot find any info on the web where to buy. Anybody have any info or attended the launch?

yes, i was there. they had vinyl copies on sale on the night. limited run on vinyl but appeared to be plenty left so no doubt on line shopping will be available soon. likewise i haven’t seen a digital option yet but again will appear in time. they were ace. been trying to see them for about a year now. well attended but not sold out. performance art par excellence, see them if you can!

Hurray someone else knows they exist! I emailed them about mailorder for the vinyl but got no response. Hopefully it’ll become available for order. Thanks for the info, hopefully they’ll come to the Athens of the North for a gig!!

i took some (i think!) cool photos, happy to share - when i plough through them which may ne a while yet! - if you’re interested in getting a flavour of their presence.

it’s out now on bandcamp. seems they only sold 13 on the night if the number remaining is to be believed. i went and bought another copy, only really wanted a digital version but for an extra fiver i may as well get a “spare” vinyl thrown in! go buy and enjoy!

Thanks for the heads up. I contacted them but they ignored me. So they are now dead to me! Plenty more records to buy.