(Mothering) Sunday


Fucking hell it’s early. Stupid clocks robbing me of an hour of sleep.

What’s your Sunday going to be like, then?

I’m up because I’m going to a penoid tournament in an armpit town. Cba and would rather have another couple of hours in bed, but if I don’t go I’ll need to put up with ‘er indoors’ parents all day and I really cba with that.


hi epimer and e- oh


listening to ulrich schnauss and the F1 commentary
eating some toast.


Old Blue Last, Doors 7pm, £4/£3 with flyer etc


i understand this post and have raised a wry smile acccordingly


Just about to start the drive to work. Absolutely knackered.


Hang on, I’ve gotten up an hour earlier than I needed to.



just watched the F1 in bed this morning with an enthusiastic 3 year old. He loves racing cars, and his commentary definitely improved the procession/race by 200%

Another day of DIY with the inlaws coming over for some food this afternoon


My parents for lunch then her parents for dinner. Shockingly I’m gonna miss the Scotland game which is pretty much a first - not sure how i feel about this, i mean it’s a doomed campaign but still.


At me parents. Having a Chinese and watching football with them later, just killing time til then really


taking my maw out for lunch in st andrews + dog for walk on the beach

could do with some more sleep tbh tbf


Boom boom boom
Let me hear you say


Morning all​

Currently sat in bed: the girls are watching videos on YouTube and we’re enjoying cups of tea. Off for a walk and a mother’s day pub lunch later.

Beautiful day isn’t it?


My mum is doing stuff with my brother and didn’t invite me so meh
Just gonna do gym and chill out loads


Fudge doughnut?


fingers crossed


Gonna do some baircon and eggs for breakfast.
Either Clent Hills or Lickeys for a walk.
Pork belly for dinner.
Ocado man is bringing the shopping this evening.

My parents are on holiday, so I’m excused from Mother’s Day shite, although we’ll probably go and see the mother in law.


Won’t see my mum until early May so will take her for a meal then.

Could do with some extra sleep too and probably will nod back off because got nothing to do really.

Could with doing some work but not gonna waste the sunshine. Probably go for another walk, maybe to Pollok Country Park.

Probably watch the football later with a couple of beers.


I’m going to my sisters.

My dad is supplying the beef. My sister the veg, I’m bringing desserts and bottles of wine. We’ll probably all get in each other’s way while my mum laughs and finally takes over.


Living 400 miles away means I don’t have to do any Sunday mothering. Going through to Henley instead to meet up with a friend for lunch and walks along the river.

Might eat a lot of mini eggs for breakfast.