Mother's Day - Sunday 26th March



Did not realise this was round the corner, fuuuuu. Anybody bought anything for their old dear yet?

I wonder how many copies of Edward Christopher Sheeran’s new record will be given as gifts.


I have not, I’ll nip home and cook for her or something innit


I don’t think mums are really into grime music, generally


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll make myself scarce.


going to get her the beatles 8 days a week dvd, seems a bit too cheap though so will need something else


My parents are on holiday (again), so she’s not getting anything,



Tried to get her a replacement toaster. Failed.

Interflora it is, then.


Booked a nice meal at a country pub just outside Cambridge with the family.

Will probably get some gardening bits or a plant as a gift - need to coordinate that with my brother.


They’re off on holiday that weekend and so am I so I think I’m getting away with it this year.

I hate both Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, for my family it’s just another day my mum can make us feel guilty about and I don’t think guilting your kids into buying you stuff is a good thing


I might put this in the card to my ma.


Massive bunch of flowers this year I reckon.


nothing says thank you to the woman that carried and bore you like a replacement toaster


The apple has not fallen far from the tree.


Just read this back and I realise it sounds really ungrateful but I stand by it


I have a pretty distant relationship with my parents (was going to elaborate but thats probably one for the religion and/or depression thread), it makes it difficult when it comes to special occasions, just finding a greeting card with an appropriate sentiment is impossible, I do care about them a lot, but most those cards present such an idealised relationship and it feels like giving one of those depressingly highlights what we don’t have


The toaster had emotional significance.

(Not really, it was just a very particular colour)


I still have a pretty good relationship with my parents but it’s usually fairly strained with my mum, and sending a “You’re amazing, Mum” card would seem insincere as she’s often pretty awful to me (and to my sister, but she’s a lot older and more mature than me so just takes a deep breath and deals with it). I used to think it was just a teenage getting-angry-at-your-parents thing and I’d grow out of it but nope, she can be pretty horrible when she wants to be.


oh shit do i have to do a fake present from my baby to my wife


yes you do