Moths (help!)

We’ve got a moth infestation under the sofa. Anyone got any experience getting rid of the bastards?

Yeah, I got a bug bomb/fogger. Good if its confined to one area but best if you can be out of the house at least a full day (even if just in the garden) Also, put it on a plate and away from anything flammable, and turn the smoke alarm. Not sure it worked in one go, depends where they’re laying eggs as I think eggs can survive for fucking ages but if they’re not carpet or clothes moths you should be ok.

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Unfortunately they are carpet or clothes moths and have been eating the carpet under the sofa :sob:

How long does the fogger take? I guess we could do a socially distanced visit to my parents’ garden if we had to.

I’m picking up a steam cleaner tomorrow and will be cleaning the fuck out of everything

It might be ok with just one hut I’d buy a pack of two and do the second in a month or two. In theory you can go back inside after a few hours but they smell very strong so I try to stay outside much longer.

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They are a fucking nightmare. We had them in patches in our old house. Destroyed large patches of carpet in the living room and bedroom.

We washed and cleaned everything when we moved, but we are still finding a few flying around atm. Not as many as before mind. But they’re still there. Have no real advice apart from maybe getting a pro in to look. They supposedly don’t like lavender

Did you try anything to get rid of them? Anything that did/didn’t help?

Fucking hate moths. We’ve had clothes and food moth infestations in the past. We had to throw the clothes that weren’t salvagable and stuck some of the others in a deep freeze (apparently it kills the eggs, but can’t just be a freezer compartment). Fortunately we were also in a position to just remove the carpets (we wanted wooden floors anyway)

The food moths were an absolute bugger but we have a lot of reusable sealable containers now

I don’t want to speak too soon but we haven’t noticed any damage to clothes (yet). They don’t even appear to have damaged to sofa itself, just the carpet (that we know of). I’ve stuck a few things that were on the floor near/under the sofa in the freezer. I hate carpets anyway and this has only cemented my view that carpets are gross. Now is probably not the time for new flooring though.

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With the combination of our kids, our cats, the previous owners kids and cats all having accidents on the carpets, I am in full agreement :grimacing:

Yeah I have no idea why flooring that’s literally impossible to clean thoroughly, and attracts fucking moths!!! has become so widespread.

The fact that deep pile cream carpets exist is more baffling to me than almost anything else in the world

Ours is light beige, and when my bf bought the place in 2013 I spent hours cleaning the carpet because the former owners had a rug that left a really obvious clean patch. I can still see where it was, although it’s not so clean now.

When we first moved to bristol into a rented place, with two young kids and a cat, the carpets were light beige. I hired a carpet cleaner when we moved out and still got charged for cleaning cause you just can’t fucking get them clean!!!

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Urgh just found a load more behind some boxes in the bedroom

No not really. Lavender spray, hoovered the shit out of everything, steamed the carpet. Nothing really worked.


They love dark undisturbed areas, so under sofas, behind stands anything propped against a wall. Good luck and I feel your pain.

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We’ve had / got carpet moths. The worst of it was in the hall carpet by the cupboard under the stairs. We put down some sticky traps which caught lots, and took up the hall carpet two years ago. Last summer we still had some moths about, but not many. This year you can probably count the number of moths I’ve seen on your fingers.

Weirdly, our moths only eat wool. So the decent carpet in the hall was ruined, but the cheaper carpets weren’t affected. The fuckers ruined a couple of my nice jumpers though :frowning: