Motion Smoothing


Top class advice from Cruise!


this did me a bit the first time I saw it

Cruise is such a fucking weirdo.


saw this yesterday and thought “aye alright then tom cruise, i’ll give that a go”

then completely forgot about it


Alright, marckees.


Turning off motion smoothing is up there with deleting the search toolbars on your parents’ laptop as something you do when you go home for Christmas


Motion smoothing sounds quite nice, like a deep tissue massage or something.


hope he does one about Pork Maximum next



i like the bit where he goes ‘to work out how to turn it off, look up google’


I watched some comparison videos on YouTube last night, think he has a point.


He does have a point. I remember watching TV at my sisters years ago (before i got a new TV) and thinking that everything looked weird/awful, but i couldn’t describe why i thought it looked awful and everyone was looking at me like i was mental.



some brilliant comments. right bunch of dads


(… who don’t know how to change their TV settings)


i wish that was the worst of it



oh wow the comments are brilliant



Tom Cruise proving once again that he’s awesome!


“Oi Tom! Your last film was SHIT!”
“Ah but did you have motion smoothing on?”
“Erm… yes”


New Top Gun looks well boring.


No that’s “There Will Be Blood”.