Motivation levels (6th August 2018)

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I’m off work this week, so motivation is quite high. I’m going to hoover the flat shortly, then look into painting a floor (it’s my hall floor, so I might end up trapped in here for days).

I can’t even be bothered to make a coffee


I’ve also got some boxes of old CDs and DVDs under my bed that I’m going to try and sort through, so that might be interesting (I’ll probably get sidetracked listening to britpop compilations for the first time in a decade). I get the feeling I may have to deal with some arachnids living in those boxes though.

spiders by Space?


i was slightly motivated but don’t really have anything to do so now fully cba

First day back at work after holiday. Industry pretty much shuts down over summer so nothing much to do. Really really CBA.

I have to move house. Motivation levels are at an all time low.

Need a piss. Can’t be fucked.

This sums up my situation perfectly. First day back, everyone else is on holiday…

I’ll mail you a pissing tube

Listened to that last week. Still pretty good, but I still prefer Tin Planet!

Pretty low. Shite morning, now I’ve got to go to Guildford for a course for the afternoon. And I’m not even getting to meet profk



Smash mouth, Bon jovi, Busted My Vitriol and Eels on the same album <3

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great font


Four and a half days until I have a week off, sitting by the sea, somewhere not in the UK, with fuck all to do for ten days. How am I supposed to feel right now?

You know when you’re completely in a daze because of a crush? I have that so badly that I can’t concentrate at all. I can’t write sentences (in the article I’m writing) or think of anything that isn’t him or little moments from the weekend or daydreaming about impossible things. Not felt like this for ages, fucking hell.

Impossible (adj): he has a very long-term girlfriend ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I have compiled so many lists of things to do. One for today, with estimated time durations for each task, and the rest more long term ones, each divided into lists for individual “stressors” and ordered by need.

Currently sat in my pants watching daytime TV