Motorhead now as dead as the Ramones... :-(

Live Fast, Die Fast



Can’t help think that it’s a real crying shame both bands didn’t really get the recognition they deserved given just how influential they both were whilst they were actually active. Both bands are seen more as brands than the actual music these days via t-shirts / logo branding and the Ramones in particular really should have got more attention and success whilst they were all still alive. Motorhead had success but deserved a lot more.

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Was reading fast Eddie’s obit in the paper today and it mentioned Motorhead’s cover of Stand By Your Man as being a catalyst for him leaving the band (he hated it, Lemmy didn’t). Never heard it before, so had to tube it, not sure if it was worth a listen or not, guess so:

This is good

I think Motorhead got as much success as they would ever have got really