Motorway Services no.2,631

Tebay will be disappointed with that, Clive


Everyone’s satisfied at Norton Canes because they’ve paid the toll to get there and can have some broccoli from Leon as their reward

Don’t rate Pease Pottage at all…

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I went to the bottom rated one last summer. Thurrock and I can confirm that it was a total shitter.


What was wrong with it?

I used to work at that norton canes services, so f’n proud rn

It was just absolutely grim, run down shithole. I can understand them dragging you past all the shops to use the bogs but these were down some horrible staircase underground and they were dirty and stunk.


Has anyone actually been to Norton Canes? What’s it like?
It’s likely that I will never go there as I rarely use the toll road and it’s also fairly close to home.

I was there last week. It was ok actually but pretty busy.

Tebay has been absolutely done. Who the hell in unsatisfied by Tebay?!


did you see any minor celebrities? used to get loads coming in

Always come off the A1(M) just before Wetherby. Might have to revise my travel plans.

All the people who were inconvenienced by that interminable 50mph bit while they were building the cunting thing.

Right, might have to actually take these things seriously, then.

Anyone got strong opinions about Southwaite M6(Northbound)?

Only myself


The only services I have been to in the last year are Tamworth and Tibshelf. Both were fine.

Do you know where’s quite grim? Knutsford and Sandback southbound.

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go there quite a bit as it’s halfway between head office and home. it’s alright but surprised it’s top.

My favourite ‘normal’ services is the Peterborough one.

Newport Pagnell services has a KFC that has reliably excellent gravy.